My name is Daniel Vidberg, and this is my website. Online, I go by cyanLaStride.
In the past, I’ve gone by dvidberg, BrickPig, and Psykarp.

This amazing art was made for me by my friend DeathOfDelta.
It features two of my original D&D characters, Chardon Nadaar and Kamati.

The original purpose of this site was to be an online spot to store my old Puzzlescript Games.
Since then, it has become a hub for many of my digital creative projects, such as:

– Xenith’s Sentinel, a short story about memory and identity
– Root of my Heart, my group’s submission for Global Game Jam 2023
– A Twine game I made for a school project, about walking to school
– The journals of Copper DeShane and Birdsong, my RP characters
– A short Homestuck pre-Epilogue fanfic, Earth C at Sunset
– My story that I hope to self-publish someday, Ruins of Ner Montu

Take a look around!