Puzzlescript Games

A few years ago I made a bunch of games using PuzzleScript. Although I only ended up finishing one of them, even the unfinished ones are a mildly interesting way to waste a few minutes. Also, feel free to “hack” the games and look at the code. Don’t you dare add any lamp posts to my games though — looking at you, Davey.

Finished Games:

Zoo Monkey

Unfinished Games:

The Sinking Ship
S.S. S.O.S. (Basically The Sinking Ship Part 2. Yes, I started working on the sequel before finishing the original.)
Tomb Gem
Tomb Gem Auto (Same as Tomb Gem, but randomly generated. Read the instructions at the start of the game, or else it just won’t work.)
Space Battles 3000 (The idea behind this one is that you play it with a friend at the same computer, and it’s like a little turn based strategy game.)

Barely More Than Ideas: