Entry 3

Otkaz, Azir and I checked out the Gadock home as our first step in investigating the “grave robberies”. Turns out, we’re dealing with a completely different crime than what I originally assumed. Instead of a decaying corpse with some missing valuables, the grave was completely empty. Common criminals have no use for a cold cadaver. Even more troubling, the Gadock kid claims to have seen his dead grandpa walk away into the forest, following some woman in white. Not exactly the type of testimony that’s of any use in court, but since when do courts try to find the truth? We’ll meet up with the others soon. If the bodies in the other graves are also missing… we may not be getting paid enough for this.

After speaking with the rest of the party, it’s clear to me that there’s more going on here than anyone suspects. I’m going to do some investigating on my own.

I knew it. The graves are linked. They were all jurors in a witch trial nine years ago, with one of the accused being none other than Lexaria Ciannor, Father Dumas’ sister-in-law. Lexaria was executed, leaving behind her daughter, Alexia, who now lives under the care of Father Dumas. That poor girl…

I managed to ask Father Dumas about the trial without raising suspicion. The fewer people that know the trail I’m following, the better. He pointed me towards the crypt of Lexaria and the four other “witches”– it’s out in the forest, too dangerous to go alone. I’ll have to stick with the party for now.

I don’t know how much to write here. I’ve written some pretty damning things in journals before, with the assumption that by the time anyone else reads them I’ll be dead anyway. But now, there’s more to think of than just myself. If I were to die, and this journal found… I want to help them. They remind me so much of Deedee. I have to protect them. I can’t fail again.

I went to the last graveyard with the rest of the party. I think they’re starting to catch on to the danger of our situation, but they’re still novices. We almost died when a junker ambushed us; Aelyr and I were the only ones left standing at the end of the fight. Honestly, it’s a miracle that no one died. And yet, as soon as they woke, there was talk of heading to the coven’s crypt tomorrow as a group. These idiots are going to get themselves killed, and I’m not sure if I can stop them. Either way, I have another lead to follow tonight. I’ve told Otkaz to stick with the group. Hopefully that’s not a mistake.

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