Entry 2

We entered Corvis and completed the mission without issue. I gave Otkaz back the money I borrowed to buy Rosethorn, and even had a couple gold left over. Him and Azir aren’t getting along too well right now, since apparently Otkaz had the Cygnaran mechanic snatch a vial of that blue face paint stuff off Azir while he was out. Or, tried to, anyways. The mechanic “accidentally” took a vial of acid instead, which could’ve had a much more interesting outcome than it did. Seems that Otkaz doesn’t want to rely on Azir for his face paint anymore, and honestly I can’t blame him. The entire gang is working for Father Dumas of the Cathedral of Morrow now, helping track down some grave robbers. Azir, being a Menite, is doing it to discredit the Morrowan church, and Gold is a common mercenary now, but I don’t understand why Silver or the other Cygnarans took the job. Surely they’ve got other military matters to attend to, rather than help catch small-time crooks? Might be worth looking into. I also took a trip to the mage district with Otkaz, but we didn’t find what he was looking for. Still no leads on this “Beyond” place, either. I hope we’re able to find his friend soon, before it’s too late.

What do I do, Deedee? I may finally have the weapon I need, but I do not know if I can use it. I swore I would make them hurt as I do; I swore I would make them suffer as you did. Lend me your wisdom, so I may know what is necessary when the time comes. Lend me your strength, so I may see this through to the end. Lend me your honesty, so if I do what I must, I never forgive myself. The price of change must be paid, and all I can do is hope that I am the one to pay it. If not… then I am truly sorry.

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