Entry 1

The last leg of our journey to Corvis was through Widow’s Wood. We were ambushed in thick fog; gobbers, trying to steal random crates off the caravan. They used a spear trap, as well as a curious machine that produces fog. If Otkaz hadn’t been at the front of the caravan keeping a lookout, we may have had a much worse time. As is, Azir was clawed within an inch of his life by a widowbear, and Otkaz was knocked unconscious. We managed to save almost all the cargo, but we’ll see if the price we paid was worth it when Azir wakes. He’s breathing, but the claw marks on his chest run deep, and he came down on one of his legs at a bad angle when the beast knocked him back. Otkaz wanted to leave him for dead during the fight, but one of the Cygnarans pulled him out of the mud and onto a wagon.

It could’ve been worse. Gold nearly died, too: the lucky sonofabitch just can’t quit. He hasn’t changed much, even after dropping out of the Academy. Silver seems to be the only one of the three of us who actually graduated and still serves in the military, but I still don’t know what she’s doing here. The two other Cygnarans are an oddity too. They seem to be in the army, but a completely different branch than whatever Silver went into; she doesn’t know why they’re here either. Or she’s just refusing to tell me. She’s good at keeping secrets, maybe even better than I am.

We should be within city walls soon. It’ll be good to sleep in a proper bed again, but I do wonder whether or not we’ll be much safer in there than out here. After all, they do call Corvis the City of Ghosts.

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