Yesterday, we reached Mythic%, and tried out a new variation of Temur Lukka. Today, we’re continuing with the same list, and trying to climb into Mythic# if possible.

Match 1: 2-1 vs. Temur… Aggro? No Obosh or Lukka, but Robber of the Rich, Questing Beast, and Embercleave. Seems more like Gruul Aggro splash Blue than anything. Koma wins those games pretty easily.

Match 2: 1-2 vs. Sultai Ultimatum. I wasn’t focused during this game, and played some Lukkas into counterspells.

Match 3: 1-2 vs. Dimir Control. This deck isn’t exactly great at beating control. I’m so tempted to switch to Snow Red.

Match 4: 0-2 vs. Snow White. Some non-games due to bad draws.

Match 5: 2-0 vs. Green Poison. My opponent was rated at 77%, which is suuuper low, so I didn’t actually move up from this game.

Match 6: 0-2 vs. Dimir Rogues. I misplayed a lot in the second game, most of them to do with Phoenix of Ash and Decisive Denial. I need to focus.

Match 7: 1-2 vs. Sultai Ultimatum. Game 1 had some weird interactions with The Akroan War and Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider that worked out in my favour. I almost won the match on time, but I couldn’t hold on for long enough.

Alright. I’ve played 10 games with the new list, and I’ve gone 3-7. Two of the wins were against off-meta decks, and one was against the single Cycling deck I’ve come across. Needless to say, I’m slightly frustrated. It might finally be time to switch to Snow Red.

That’s it. I’ve done it. Snow Red, let’s go.

Match 8: 1-2 vs. Snow Red. That hurts.

It was at this point that I gave up and went outside. Considering that I’m currently sitting at 86%, getting to the top 1200 would take ~20 wins. Even with as high as a 70% winrate, that would require ~28 matches, taking an average of 14 hours. It’s possible in theory, but unlikely.

So, my journey for this month is over. I’m still glad I got into Mythic, but I’ll probably have to wait another two months for a shot at the next Standard Constructed Qualifier Weekend. I may keep doing these posts, or I may wait until the next Qualifier month. We’ll see.

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