Hey there! I finally added the new chapter I wrote a few days ago, Red Like Embers. This one follows Blue Eyes, and introduces RJ’s mother, Astrid. The name and inspiration for the chapter is taken from the song “Red Like Roses – Part II” from RWBY, which is a series that I binged in its entirety since the last update. I really enjoyed RWBY, even if the writing wasn’t super great, but I was slightly disappointed that they never properly followed up on the idea that Red Like Roses puts forward (or at least it doesn’t until after Volume 8, which is all that’s currently out). The song is a conversation between Ruby and her mother, with Ruby having complicated angry emotions towards her mother’s sacrifice and death. I realized that was kind of what happened between RJ and both of his parents, so I tried to capture that same energy from the song when writing this chapter. I don’t feel like this chapter is done; I think it could still use a lot of work, but it’s good enough for now since I’m trying to stick to weekly updates.

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